Rice NW Museum honored for educational exhibits at the 2014 Denver Gem & Mineral Show

Julian Gray and Leslie Moclock with the Rice NW Museum case of agates at the 2014 Denver Gem & Mineral Show. This case won the Donna Chirnside Memorial Award for best educational case by a museum.

Thousands of people attended the Denver Gem & Mineral Show held the second weekend in September each year in Denver, Colorado. The theme of this year’s show was near and dear to the heart of the Rice NW Museum and Oregonian rockhounds: Agate. Agates are found in many places in Oregon and are well represented in the Rice NW Museum’s permanent exhibits. Curator Leslie Moclock selected about two dozen of the best agates and thundereggs from the museum’s collection for two temporary educational exhibits at the show September 12-14, 2014. Taking the museum to mineral collectors in attendance at shows is part of the museum’s outreach program.

Both exhibit cases were recognized for their excellence in educational content and quality of the exhibition. The Denver Gem & Mineral Show Committee selected the Rice NW Museum case on the origin of agates for the Donna Chirnside Memorial Award honoring the best display by an institution at the show.  The Friends of Mineralogy, a group that promotes mineral education, awarded the Best Educational Case by an Institution Award to the Rice NW Museum case featuring thundereggs, Oregon State Rock.

3 thoughts on “Rice NW Museum honored for educational exhibits at the 2014 Denver Gem & Mineral Show”

    1. Lorelle
      Thanks! We are pretty pleased. Although these exact cases will probably not be exhibited again, several of the pieces in the Denver exhibition are on display everyday at the Rice Museum. But there are two shows in the Greater Portland Area where we will have similar great exhibits. The first is the Portland Regional Gem and Mineral Show, October 10, 11, and 12 at the Washington County Fairplex. The Second is the Clackamette Mineral and Gem Club show October 25 and 26 at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. Hope to see you at one of these great shows!

  1. FABULOUS! Can’t wait to see the Rice Museum treasures in person. Leslie and Julian you are a great team and this East Coast fan applauds you both. Any special requests from the New England area that might fill a spot in the collections?
    The Dover NH Fan Club Members

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