Birthstone Day Upgrade

Longtime followers already know that we offer a promotion called “Birthstone Day,” where any visitor can get free admission to the museum on the first Saturday of his or her birth month. This promotion is getting an upgrade!

Now, any visitor is entitled to one free admission on any day during his or her birth month. So if you were born in the month of November, choose any day this month to come see our exhibits at no charge. It’s a little bit more “happy birthday,” just for you.

Faceted topaz gemstones.

Faceted topaz gemstones. Image from Michelle Jo, Wikimedia Commons.

This offer is only good for one general admission per calendar year, during the visitor’s birth month. It does not apply to admission for special events or party packages. Visitors over 17 must present an ID with date of birth to redeem this offer.

See you at the museum!

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