It’s almost here! Join us for Thunder-Egg-Stravaganza 2017!

The egg hunt that “rocks” returns once again! Join us from 10-5 at the Rice Museum on Saturday, April 15, 2017. Admission is $5 for everyone ages 5 and up, and includes admission to the museum galleries.

Your mission: locate 4 eggs of different colors around our property and redeem them for prizes. Our prize table includes 2000+ WHOLE thunder eggs. We’ll have volunteers on site all day slicing those thunder eggs in half for FREE so you can be the first to see the surprise inside.

Educational talks on thundereggs in the Northwest will take place inside the museum at 11AM, 1PM, and 3PM. Egg hunting is available all day.

A 2016 participant shows off his freshly cut geode from the prize redemption table.

Frequently asked Questions:

Do we need to be there at a certain time to hunt the eggs? 
No! To redeem for a prize, you need to find four eggs of certain colors (based on their location on the property, the “egg zones”). That eliminates the “mad dash” of other egg hunts and keeps it fair! You can show up any time between 10 and 4:30 and we promise there will be eggs hidden.

Can adults participate?
Absolutely! We don’t do age-discrimination here at the Rice Museum, everyone loves a good egg hunt!

Do adults have to pay if they’re not participating?
Yes, your $5 covers your admission to the museum regardless of if you choose to hunt eggs. That’s reduced from normal $10 admission.

Do you sell food?
Limited snacks will be available for purchase at our hospitality table, so bring your own lunch or plan to grab it at one of the fabulous nearby restaurants! Keep in mind, we do not allow food inside the museum, so all picnic activities are based on your personal weather tolerance.

Do we have to pay for parking?
Parking is included with your admission, but it is limited and carpooling is HIGHLY encouraged.

10 thoughts on “It’s almost here! Join us for Thunder-Egg-Stravaganza 2017!”

  1. Amanda R Strickland

    So if my family showed up at say 2:30 they will be able to still hunt for Easter eggs and get prizes? I know the thunder eggs are not guaranty but there is still a chance they may get one

    1. Yes, we have over 1000 lbs of thunder eggs for our prize booth, and most of them are about the size of a child’s fist. The other prizes are quartz, fossilized shark teeth, tumbled agates & jasper, etc., so even in the chance we ran out of thunder eggs, they’d still get something science-y and special. We have a boy scout troop and a girl scout troop that have volunteered to keep re-hiding the eggs throughout the event, so we will continuously have eggs hidden!

  2. Are they plastic eggs to find? Vegan family here looking for something for the kids 😄

    1. Yes! All plastic eggs are hidden, then can be redeemed for thundereggs. The grab-bags have fossilized sharks’ teeth in them, that should be the only animal product we include.

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