2021 Donor List

The following donors are helping us care for our collections, update our exhibitions, and maintain our grounds and historic building during this unprecedented year. With the help of our supporters we are able to maintain operations and plan for a time when we can once again operate a full capacity. Every dollar is appreciated. 

Aaron Wieting 

Alan Williams



Amelia & Fred Hard

Andrew Brown

Barry Bracken

Beth Heesacker

Bonna Harwood

Brendan Traw

Bruce McKay

Bruce Thiel

C.B. Gregory

Camellia Hickey

Cindy Lunceford

Clifton Vassar

Connie’s Angels and More

Courtney Blaisdell

Courtney Van Dyke

Crystal Schenk

Curtis Frye

Cynthia Christofani, MD

Dale Case

Daniel Baumberger

Daniel Byington

Daniel Kennedy

Datlight! LED

David Harjala

Ed Seidenberg

Eileen Galen

Elaine Serizawa

Elise Lark

Elsie Clausen

Glen Miller

Greg Hendricks

Hillary Ostlund

Homer Williams

Ilene Knight

Jackie Peel

Jamie Boyda

Jamie Woelfel

Jeanne McIvor

Jeffrey Lucas

Jennifer Zohar

Jessica Jones

Jessica Robertson

Joan Schultze

Johna Coffey

Judith Fick

Judy McIntyre

Karen Busch

Karen DeLeewerk

Katherine Purtzer

Katherine Weber

Kayla Adair

Kelly MacGregor

Kelly Pajela

Kendra Miller

Kenneth Reiner

Kimberly Sanderford

Krista Reiman

Kristina Brouhard 

Lee Bliven II

Liberty Lapidary

Lillian Gardiner

Lisa Duffee

Lola “Rusty” Etzwiler

Malisa Hughes

Margie Tomlinson

Mary J Kauffman

Melissa Frick Minick

Michelle Fewell

Mike Laubach Laubach Co.

Mitch Williams

Nancy Reynolds

Nancy Vartanian

Natalie Dove

Nina Kaufmann

Noel Stevens

Pam Kessinger

PKWY Media

Richard Winkel

Robert & Ann Rose

Russell Williams

Seth Shikora

Sharleen Harvey

Sierra Aleman

Stephen Tolopka

Steve Ewens

Susan McKinley

Suzanne Ballew

Suzanne Jensen

Suzanne Meredith

Ted Miller

Theresa Williams

Thomas Jendrzejek

Tim Schmidt

Tony Spiering

Tracey Saucy

Victoria Jakovec

Victoria Swanson




Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals
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