Coming Soon! The Big Find: A Legend Continues

Coming Soon! The Big Find: A Legend Continues.

12 Jewelry Masterpieces made with world class tourmaline from Plumbago Mountain, Newry, Maine. Exhibited on the West Coast for the first time at the Rice Museum!

50 years ago, 4 miners unearthed over a ton of gem quality tourmaline crystals near the top of Plumbago Mountain, Maine– the most amazing single discovery of tourmaline of this caliber in North America. This was the find that changed everything.

In 2022 the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum sought jewelry designers from across the country. These 12 designers, selected by jury, were each matched with one of the 12 stones from this historic find and asked to work their magic. The results are astounding.

Plan a visit to see something you’ve never seen before. Exhibit opens March 12 and closes September 4th.

Thank you to the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum for lending us this exhibit. Artists whose work will be on display: Paula Crevoshay, Patty Dunning, Matt Fischer, Gerardo Gonzalez, Derek Katzenbach, Andy Lucas, Steve Manchini, Nick Noyes, Naomi Sama, Eric Stewart, Matt and Lauren Tuggle, and Stephen and Tamberlaine Zeh.

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals
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