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Exploring the rock pile in the rock garden of the Rice Northwest Rock and Mineral Museum.The greatest gift a teacher can give to a student is a new appreciation for the world around them, including the world under a student’s feet.

The natural and earth sciences offer excellent opportunities for students of all ages to learn more about the world around them. The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals offers a variety of educational programs in the museum, classes and workshops, guided tours, special events and festivals, and Portable Earth Science Programs.

The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals as a Classroom

Nestled among the towering fir trees, the historical Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals houses one of the finest collections of rocks and minerals in the world with extensive galleries, world-class specimens, and skilled tour guides, creating a multi-sensory educational experience for students of all ages.

Students will see rocks that glow under various light conditions, touch fossils and meteorites, and hear a petrified log “talk.” They will discover the suspense of mining, learn how fossilization works, and the understand the use of minerals in our society.

Students love to dig through the popular rock pile at the museum, uncovering surprises like crystals, thundereggs, fossils, jaspers, and other beautiful treasures. Each student may choose one rock free of charge.

The gift shop is full of many wonderful educational and fun items to delight both children and adults including fossil shark teeth, vials of gold, mineral specimens, thundereggs, jewelry, and books to learn even more about mineralogy and geology. Many items are priced especially for kids at $5 and under.

Museum class tours are typically three hours long, including time for lunch and exploring the gift shop. A minimum of two hours is needed for a full museum tour on its own . Customized presentations are also available to meet your educational needs.

If you are bringing your class to the museum or participating in one of the portable or special educational events at the museum, the following information will help you prepare for the experience.

Basic Information on the Museum

The following information is to help teachers schedule and plan a class visit to the museum.

Reserve a Class Visit to the Museum

Please complete the form below to request a date. Provide a range of dates and times if possible to help us better accommodate your class.

School packages are set by class size for preschool through 12th grade with a group discount from the normal admission, and most group tours are scheduled outside of regular museum hours:

  • $4.00 for students
  • $5.00 for adults
  • Groups of 35 or less are charged a flat rate of $150.00.

Please complete the form below to the best of your ability. A staff member will contact you as soon as possible to arrange your class visit to the museum.