For Teachers

Exploring the rock pile in the rock garden of the Rice Northwest Rock and Mineral Museum.The greatest gift a teacher can give to a student is a new appreciation for the world around them, including the world under a student’s feet.

The Rice Museum offers tours on-site as well as Portable Education Programs that we bring to your classroom. All our educational programming is compatible with the Next Generation Science Standards for public schools.

The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals as a Classroom

Nestled among the towering fir trees, the historic Rice Museum houses one of the world’s finest collections of rocks and minerals. With extensive galleries, touchable specimens, and skilled tour guides, we create a layered educational experience for students of all ages.

Tour topics include rock and mineral formation, fossilization, geologic time, Earth resources in our everyday lives, and more. We adjust content presentation to meet your students’ grade level needs.

Field trips should also be fun! Exhibits like our fluorescent mineral gallery, gold safe, and baby dinosaur get students excited. Students also love to dig through the popular rock pile at the museum, uncovering surprises like crystals, fossils, jaspers, and other beautiful treasures. Each student may take home one rock free of charge.

Tour Logistics

Museum class tours are typically three hours long, including time for lunch and exploring the Museum Store. A minimum of two hours is needed for a full museum tour on its own.

School packages are set by class size for preschool through 12th grade with a group discount from the normal admission, and most group tours are scheduled outside of regular operating hours.

Content Preview and Student Activities

For groups of 35 or less: 

  • Groups of 35 or less are charged a flat rate of $150.00.

For groups of 36-120:

  • $4.00 for students
  • $5.00 for adults
  • 1 teacher per classroom free

For groups larger than 120:

  • Groups larger than 120 are required to book multiple tour dates due to our building occupancy restrictions.
  • $4.00 for students
  • $5.00 for adults
  • 1 teacher per classroom free

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals is able to offer financial aid to qualifying schools thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Field Trip Registration Form

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Please note, your tour booking is NOT complete until you have confirmation from a staff member.