School Program Financial Aid

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals is able to offer matching funds to Title I schools to help cover museum field trips and portable program fees. Public schools and charter schools in Oregon and Washington that receive Title I funding qualify for this Photo Jun 29, 12 02 58 PMprogram.

Our matching system is based in the percentage of students eligible for free and reduced lunch programs at each school. Schools with 40.0%-74.9% eligibility in free and reduced lunch programs qualify for 50% of their program costs to be covered by our donors. Schools with more than 75.0% participation in free and reduced lunch programs qualify for 75% of their program costs to be covered by our donors. To see the percentage of students in your school eligible to receive free and reduced lunch, please refer to the Oregon Department of Education Report or State of Washington OSPI Report for the most recent school year.

In order to accommodate as many requests as possible per budget cycle, one program per school per school year is eligible for financial aid from our donors. Program fee coverage includes student admissions, parent volunteers who accompany students on field trips, and portable programs. The final amount of aid awarded is based on participation and will be included in the final invoice for the program.

We would not be able to offer financial aid to schools without the hundreds of generous donations we receive every year. To make a donation to support this program and the many other ways we fulfill our mission, please visit our donations page.