In addition to supporting the museum through membership, please consider giving generously to keep the mission of the museum alive.
How much is up to you, and all donations are welcome.
If you would like to make a special contribution outside of PayPal,
please contact us to guide you through the process.
The Rice Northwest Rock and Mineral Museum is your museum. It depends upon you to keep it vital and fully staffed to help the hundreds of school children that attend learn more about natural science and the world around them. It depends upon you to keep our educational and outreach programs alive and available to everyone. It depends upon you to keep our admission fees low, allowing access to all.
There are many ways to donate and support this local and internationally acclaimed museum.
  • Donate: Take a moment to donate to keep our educational programs going and our admission fees low. We accept checks and cash at the museum in person or mail, or through the  convenience of our PayPal donation account. Your donations keep our lights on and our educational programs going, helping children, families, students, and researchers continue to have access to this unique gem of a museum.
  • Become a Member: By becoming a member, you become part of the Rice Northwest Museum’s family, helping us to grow and expand with your annual membership. You receive special access and benefits for membership, and we’ve got some very special events planned each year for you, our special guest.
  • Sponsorship: Whether sponsoring one of our adoptable rocks and minerals or sponsoring an exhibit or event, your help is needed to help us underwrite the magic that makes this museum so important to our community and the world.
  • Volunteer: We have a variety of volunteer programs and opportunities ranging from museum management and opportunities to helping us with upgrades and improvements. Maybe you are an expert rock hound? We are always looking for people to help with educational programs and to provide new insights into the rocks and minerals in our museum.
If you have an idea for sponsorship or donation to the museum, please contact us so we can both make our dreams come true.
A large, clear orange calcite points to the upper left of the image. It appears to be bursting forth from a gray and purple base, barely visible on the bottom left. On a black background.
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