Laurie Koehler

With years (and years and years) of consumer and business-to-business marketing experience, Laurie has been responsible for creating and delivering marketing and advertising campaigns, developing launch strategies, building new product teams, managing co-marketing engagements, and developing innovative customer strategies for some of the most exciting companies in Oregon, including Intel, Nike and Tektronix.

Laurie is known for creating unique, never-seen-before marketing campaigns, all geared to deliver a memorable customer experience.  With industry experience in marketing, advertising, sales, product development, training, and customer service, Laurie focuses on integrating the entire business process from idea creation to connecting with the customer.

After retiring from Intel, Laurie turned her adjunct teaching role into a fulltime Executive in Residence position at George Fox University. She has been at George Fox for over 9 years and loves being in the classroom and working with students to prepare their journey from the classroom to the conference room.  She has created curriculum for several classes within GFU’s College of Business, including Introduction to Business, Principles of Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Consumer Engagement, “Intern U”, and “Idea Ninjas”. 

At home, Laurie surrounds herself with her family, friends and two adorable Golden Retrievers.

And, whenever the opportunity arises, you will see her speaking at conferences and marketing events, including New York Ad Week, IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Summit, New York University, Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin, and more.

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