Do you have a kid who loves rocks and minerals? They’ll fit right into Tucker’s Kids Club! Tucker’s Club is FREE to all, but registration is required to become an official member. Members receive one free student pass to the Museum, an official member badge, and a special gift (when you come into the museum and show us your badge).

We have also teamed up with Diamond Dan Publications to offer Tucker’s Club members the e-magazine Mini Miners. This monthly publication is filled with activities and information about minerals, crystals, gems, rocks, and tips on how to build a great mineral collection. It generally comes out around the 20th of each month. An email is sent when it is available for download. 

The focus of this month’s issue is the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and this year’s theme Pegmatites: Crystals Big & Beautiful! Click on the image for a downloadable PDF.

*In the article Diamond Dan does go over the lessons he learned from using AI. One thing he does not mention is to be careful of the program you use. He used a tool through Canva, but some tools (many of the free ones) scrape digital art. Meaning, the tool steals the works of artists from around the internet to use as  references for the art it generates. This can disproportionately harm independent artists.

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals
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