The Rice is home to fascinating and beautiful galleries and displays that showcase the beauty and variety of geologic wonders, such as Northwest thundereggs, agate, jasper, sunstones, and a vast collection of rocks, minerals, and gems from around the world. 


The Mineral Adventures of Bruce Carter

Bruce Carter has been a life-long mineral collector. Growing up in New Jersey and Connecticut, he often scoured the local pegmatites and garnet-rich metamorphic rocks for interesting crystals. Carter’s collection now contains many notable specimens hailed by experts as the best in the world. 


Master Gallery 

The museum’s main gallery, located on the lower level, contains one of the world’s finest collections of crystals. Over 4,000 individual specimens are on view from a working collection of over 20,000. See the famous Alma Rose rhodochrosite from Colorado, South American emeralds, colorful copper minerals, crystals of gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, rare and unusual minerals such as benitoite, paravauxite, legrandite, papagoite, and many others.

Dennis & Mary Murphy Gallery

The petrified wood collection on display contains over 460 worldwide specimens collected by Dennis and Mary Murphy over a 40 year span. The variety of colors, species, and localities make this among the nation’s finest. On view are cross-cut slices, full rounds, and tall tree trunks of petrified wood. 

Pacific Northwest Gallery

Visit the Rudy Tschernich Northwest Mineral Gallery where the Pacific Northwest mineral heritage is preserved. The gallery features the Tschernich zeolite collection, a large section of thundereggs (Oregon’s State Rock), and sunstones (Oregon’s State Gemstone). Enjoy the best from the Northwest, including the largest “opal-filled” thunderegg in the world

Rainbow Gallery

Our Rainbow Gallery is filled with natural minerals that emit brilliant colors when energized with ultraviolet black light. This gallery is always one of the favorite sights to see at the museum. Watch as both shortwave and longwave fluorescent lighting is used to reveal bright, beautiful colors demonstrating that raw minerals can look normal in  daylight, and have a magical glow underneath UV light. 
Fluorescent Rocks Exhibit on exhibit at the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals.

Fossil Gallery

The Fossil Gallery is full of mysterious things from the distant past. Learn about fossils and trace fossils, dinosaur eggs, and see prehistoric relics of land, air and sea creatures from the Northwest and around the globe, including Tucker, a three-dimensional baby psittacosaurus.

Lapidary Gallery

See cut and polished works of art, sparkling gemstones and ornate one-of-a-kind carvings. The Lapidary Arts Gallery is were you will find treasured jewels from all around the world, including rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds.

Agate Gallery

Enjoy unique agates from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and around the world. Learn how to spot the difference between a naturally colored and synthetically colored agate and everything you’d ever want to know about the stones you’ve been collecting from beach and roadside locations.

Mineralogy Gallery

See how minerals affect our daily lives with unimaginable uses, such as our homes, roads, food, transportation, electronics, toys, medicines, even  toothpaste.

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals
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