A collection of earth sciences education and activities for all ages


Share Your Rock

We invite young rockhounds to share a picture of their rock adventures with us. Take a photo with your rock or mineral from the Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals and tag us on Facebook #RiceNWMuseum. We would love to see your rockhounding adventures!


Tucker, a Baby Psittacosaurus

Petrified Wood and other Northwest Fossils

Curator Angela’s Fossil Quiz

Belemnite Fossil

Fossils in the Giftshop

Many Birthdays Lab

Chocolate Rock Cycle

Created by Garret Romaine 

Popsicle Fossils Lab

Created by Lara O’Dwyer-Brown 

Bottle Cap Lab

Created by Lara O’Dwyer-Brown 

Rock Painting
Created by Self-Sufficient Mama

Geology of  Willamette Falls

Created by Garret Romaine 

Columbian Emeralds Talk

Created by Garret Romaine 

Thalattosaur Prep Discussion

Rock Cycle 

Fossil Gallery

Trace Fossils

Created by Lara O’Dwyer-Brown


With permission from Paleo Joe 

Liberty Gold

Nick Zantner with Rob Repin

Meteorite Exhibit 

Agate Gallery

Harvey Lapidary Gallery

Founders Case

Rainbow Gallery

Murphy Gallery

Northwest Gallery

Meteorite Talk

Gregg Carr Crinoid Talk

Minerals and Industry Gallery

Partner Organizations

We work with a variety of organizations and companies to provide better service and information to our museum visitors, members and students. In addition to the many local rock clubs and associations, here is a list of the organizations and companies that help us achieve our goals.

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals
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