This program truly brings the museum to your school! From kindergarten through 12th grade, we can address Earth Science topics at your students’ level. Museum Educators use Next Generation Science Standards to connect your students to Earth Science. Programs feature hands-on, interactive activities, are approximately 50 minutes long and designed for up to 30 kids.
The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals offers a wide variety of portable earth science programs to schools, home schools, and groups. The museum provides the educator, activity materials, and equipment for each educational program. The host provides space, tables, electricity (if necessary), event management, and study materials such as student notebooks or textbooks.
Off-site programs cost $150 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour. Additional travel fees may apply depending on location.

The Classroom Program Topics offered:

  • Fossils (NGSS: 3-LS4-1, 4-ESS1-1)
    Students will discover creatures and fauna that lived long ago by peeking into the fossil record with fossil touch pieces.
    Students will explore sedimentary rocks, where fossils are found, with investigation tools.
    Students will understand how trace fossils are created by designing their own.
  • Rock Cycle (NGSS: 4-ESS2-1)
    Students will understand the three rock groups (Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic)
    and how they form using touch pieces and investigation tools.

    Students will portray the rock cycle.
  • Earthquakes (NGSS: 2-ESS1-1, 2-ESS2-2)
    Students will understand the three types of faults which cause earthquakes with visual models.
    Students will discover the two types of waves generated by earthquakes using visual models and movement.
    Students will determine where an earthquake originates and it’s magnitude.
  • Volcanoes (NGSS: 4-ESS2-2)
    Students will discover multiple types of Igneous rocks with touch pieces.
    Students will understand the three types of volcanoes using dance and movement.
    Students will observe a baking soda and vinegar volcano erupt!
  • Meteorites
  • …and more!
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